May 17, 2017

User experience

Delivering the right user experience is a vital part of any website project. Get it right and users are more likely to convert, return and feel good about your brand. Get it wrong and you’ll damage your business and your reputation.

Getting the user experience right starts with the basics like an intuitive information architecture (IA) where all content has a logical home and hierarchy. The IA will help you not only in the build phase of your site, but with other important workstreams such as content strategy, navigation and migration.

Building pages, components and user journeys that work effectively needs a sound approach to user research. In the early phases, prototyping is a valuable way of getting your ideas into customers’ hands and testing the response. This can be as simple or complicated as you like, from pieces of paper through to clickable HTML wireframes.

User testing should be considered essential when developing the user experience, whether it’s quick-fire card sorting to define your navigation, through to full usability testing on real customers. Users with fresh eyes so often see things that those close to the project cannot.

For quantitative feedback you’ll need to test in a live environment using A/B testing or multivariate testing. There’s sometimes a reluctance to test anything live, but a programme of ongoing live testing is commonplace at many large sites and is highly recommended.

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