May 17, 2017

Content Strategy and SEO

Building an audience for your website is essential for expanding your customer base and increasing online revenue. There are two critical factors to consider here, do you have content worth discovering and is your content discoverable?

If you’re not answering yes to both these questions, or don’t have clear answer, then conducting an SEO audit is a useful first step. How visible are you in search engines, not just for your brand name, but for other highly searched generic terms that your competitors are all fighting you for?

A thorough SEO audit can show how well you’re performing in search and when mapped against competitor performance can give a clear indication of areas of weakness. If you’re planning a new website, an SEO audit of your competitors can be just as valuable in helping you get your SEO strategy right.

There are numerous recommendations that can help you improve your search visibility, ranging from site structure, how your content is written and presented, sitemaps, link building and social conversation building.

So while SEO can make your content discoverable, you have to have content worth discovering or visitors will bounce out of your site and may never return. For existing sites, conducting a content audit is a recommended first step to understanding what content you have, what you no longer need, what needs improving and what’s missing.

For new sites, the content strategy should be developed in conjunction with the SEO strategy to ensure that it not only meets user and business needs, but is also geared towards creating discoverable content.

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